Our Story



  • Brief Introduction

Yvette,High-end sports fashion apparel brand designed for women around the world.20 years of development and manufacturing experience, with world-renowned design teams from France, Finland, the United States, Germany, mainland China and Taiwan, to ensure its excellent design and development capabilities.Fashionable and dynamic colors are matched with unrestrained sports science design to achieve the vitality of women's sports healthy attitude towards life.


  • Story

As a running enthusiast, julia has not been able to find a suitable sports bra, so she decided to design and develop it herself, and received strong support from her husband. So Yvette was founded in 1999.

Modern women have many roles. Excessive mental and physical strength leads to no time to love yourself, so you subconsciously choose the wrong way to rest, increasing the feeling of fatigue.for this situation, Yvette uses renewable materials and high-density fiber fabrics to create high-quality bras.



  • Brand Concept

Be Active, Be Daring, Be Inspired.The reason why women insist on exercising is because of the exercise itself, because the sweat, dopamine, muscle soreness and relaxation of the whole body after exercise is a kind of enjoyment of exercise and a love for a healthy lifestyle.The independence of women gives them a unique charm, allowing sports to achieve a new self. So we encourage women to find their own easy way to continue through sports in their daily life.


  • Public Welfare

         1.environmental Protection

We are a sports brand that has joined the Outdoor Sports Industry Microfiber Coalition (OIMC), which is committed to solving the pollution problem of synthetic fine fiber water. Microfiber pollution in the ocean and entering the food chain will contain dangerous chemicals, which is very important for Harmful to marine life.Focusing on five sustainable development, from recycling, repair, wear, maintenance, and sharing performance; through sourcing materials to change materials to minimize the release of microfibers into the environment during textile manufacturing and product life cycles.

         2.Focus on minorities

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, incidents of discrimination in New York, especially against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have increased.In response to prejudice and discrimination against Asian Americans, the New York City Human Rights Commission has partnered with artist Amanda Binto Yahe to launch a public art project called "I Still Believe in This City".We are also fortunate to be a part of this project to encourage minorities to enjoy their own culture, the right to profess and practice their own religion, and the right to use their own language.

Yvette recognizes and embraces the full range of diversity in all of our communities.Yvette's Board of Directors, employees and volunteers invite all voices to be heard and respected for all who come into contact with Yvette, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, ability, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status and geography.Yvette is committed to creating an organizational culture that builds respect, dignity, fairness, care, equality and self-esteem.

  1. breast cancer

Yvette cares about women's health and hopes to help more women reduce and prevent breast cancer risk by providing high-quality bras, and help more patients manage the various feelings and fears they experience during and after cancer treatment.Every year from October 1st to 31st, our Breast Cancer Awareness Day, we join the Dr. Susan Love Breast Cancer Research Foundation